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Activate some sections of your e-commerce with restricted access so as to create memberships in your store.
How you can benefit from it:

  • Sell video courses, lessons, consultancies and make content available only to users that paid for them;
  • Build specific areas on your sites with restricting access only to members;
  • Create an online magazine with posts visible only to users who purchased access to it;
  • Create a private shop where only registered users can view the products;
  • Offer products that can be purchased and downloaded using a credits system (for image stocks, resources, etc.);
  • Offer digital resources that can be downloaded for free by members only.

A powerful tool to create restricted areas or provide access to products, pages, articles and content only to members.

Selling products with dedicated access is a great opportunity to increase your earnings: big companies like Udemy or Treehouse are living proof and they achieve a huge amount of sales volume with this business model every year. Their income is intended to grow considering the increasing number of people looking for their products.

In a completely automatic way, you could offer your users restricted and exclusive access to tailored information, like a course, videos, products, articles, downloadable files, etc.

Managing courses, services, valuable membership plans with private access, sending messages to your customers, scheduling the publication of the exclusive contents for your customers: all these actions can be easily achieved with YITH WooCommerce Membership, a plugin conceived and designed to streamline the management of restricted-access products.

The reserved area is easy to use, will let you protect your content, and make it accessible only to members or to those who paid for it.

Create unlimited plans with different permission rules

Create different plans (for instance Silver, Bronze and Gold) and set the permissions for your different users based on the plan they have joined. Products can be downloaded only by members of a certain plan or members of another plan can just read the blog posts but not view the videos: there are literally unlimited combinations.

Automatically set users as members of a specific plan when they register

Create restricted access areas (posts, videos, exclusive contents) available only to registered users and automatically mark them as “members” as soon as they register into your website.

Make the shop and products accessible to members only (like on Privalia)

Create a private shop with exclusive offers for members, hide products to non-registered users or to those who do not possess a specific membership plan.

Hide pages and posts to non-members

Manage access to every section of your site and choose what needs to be shown to members. You can create restricted pages, posts that only members can read, products that only users can view or download for free.

Show a limited content (e.g. an article preview) and push users to sign up (and pay) to see the full content

Create your online newspaper-inspired business model: publish posts and contents the introduction of which can be read by everyone, but only members will be able to access the full content and bonuses (videos, podcasts, images and so on).

Use the Gutenberg block to easily set where the “Members-only” content starts

Set with one click where the content visible to everyone ends and where the members-reserved content begins, by using the Gutenberg block “Members-only content starts here” when creating a post or page. A powerful, easy and quick solution.

Allow access or file downloads (PDFs, images, audio and video files, etc.) only to members

Protect your files in the easiest way and allow only members to download digital products (like e-books) or PDF files, ZIP archives, JPG images, audio and video files and so on.

Choose what your users will see when they try to access some reserved content

You can set up an alternative content for every page, product, or post (thanks to Gutenberg blocks you can add a banner or a call to action to encourage your users to join and become members), redirect users to a specific URL or, as an alternative, show a 404 error page to those who try to access reserved contents.

Use the Alternative Content blocks to build advanced alternative content for non-members

Use the new alternative content blocks to create advanced sections and pages with Gutenberg and show them to non-members. Thanks to the flexibility offered by Gutenberg, you will be able to create banners, text, graphic sections and call-to-action buttons to push your users to become members.

Offer free shipping to your shop members

Choose the “Membership free shipping” option to offer free shipping to your members for all the orders they place through your shop.

Offer your members dedicated discounts on all the products of your shop

Do you want to give your members 10% off every product? When you create the membership plan they will join, you will find this option. You can also set up different discount percent rates for every membership plan (for example, 10% for Silver users, 20% for Gold users, and so on).

Build a credit system to allow members to download items (like stock images or digital resources)

Build a platform where you can sell products or digital resources using a credit system. Choose how many credits you want to assign to new members (based on the membership plan they are joining) and how many credits will be necessary to download one item.<br /> You can set a default value for the entire shop or different values for specific products (e.g. some products may require 5 credits, some other products 10 credits etc.).

Use the YITH Subscription plugin to let your users make a recurring payment in order to get access to reserved contents

The integration between YITH Membership and YITH Subscription is the most powerful one in our product catalog: it allows you to create reserved areas in your site and grant access to the classes of a learning course, or to receipts, products, posts, downloadable resources, videos, podcasts and so on, only to those members who have an active subscription and who are paying on a billing cycle that you can set by yourself (weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually etc.).<br /> If the subscription is not paid automatically, users will lose access to their reserved contents.

Release contents gradually

For every content in the plan, you can choose when it will be made available to your users, so you can delay their release gradually and constantly (for example, the first video will be immediately available, the second one after one week etc.)

Monitor the memberships and the downloads from the integrated dashboard

From the integrated plugin dashboard panel, you can easily monitor all the memberships created and the downloads of the resources included in every plan.

Offer your members a dedicated section in “My Account” with all their memberships

All users who have access to a specific membership plan will be able to see all the details in their reserved area in My Account, where they can also access the reserved contents and download the resources they have paid for.

A wide range of notifications for admin and members

Send a notification email to your users whenever a new membership is created, 10 days before its expiration, when the membership expires and when it is canceled.

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