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WP Safelink: Maximize Your Earnings and Secure Your AdSense.

Unlock the full potential of your links with WP Safelink. The go-to solution for bloggers aiming to optimize their Google AdSense revenue while ensuring unmatched security.

Integrated with Adlinkfly
Seamlessly connect and utilize the power of Adlinkfly with WP Safelink, ensuring a smooth and efficient linking experience for maximize your revenue.

Trusted by Over 10,000 Websites
With its proven track record, WP Safelink has been the choice for more than 10,000 websites, solidifying its reputation in the industry.

Unlimited Domain Support
Experience unparalleled flexibility with WP Safelink’s Unlimited Domain Support feature. Manage and optimize links across an endless number of domains.

Product Features

Google Redirect for Targeted Traffic (PRO Version)

Leverage the power of Google’s search engine to funnel targeted traffic directly to your site. Our Google Redirect feature ensures that visitors arriving via Google searches are seamlessly directed to the most relevant pages, maximizing user engagement and boosting your SEO

Multiple Pages for Increased Page Visits (PRO Version)

Skyrocket your website’s metrics with our Multiple Pages feature. Links generated through WP Safelink can lead to multiple page visits, enhancing user engagement and multiplying the opportunities for ad impressions and conversions

Anti Proxy/VPN for Enhanced AdSense Security (PRO Version)

Safeguard your AdSense account from fraudulent activities with our Anti Proxy/VPN feature. By blocking traffic from bots, proxies, and VPNs, this feature ensures that your AdSense account remains secure and compliant, thereby preserving the integrity of your earnings

Integration with Adlinkfly

Seamlessly sync with Adlinkfly, optimizing link performance and ensuring smooth operations between platforms

Automatic Safelink Generation

Reduce the hassle with our auto-generated safelinks, streamlining your workflow and saving valuable time

Manual Safelink Generation

Enjoy the flexibility of creating safelinks manually, giving you full control over link customization as needed

Encrypted Links

With sophisticated encryption, our links are challenging to skip or bypass, ensuring users engage with the content as intended

View and Click Counter

Monitor your links’ performance with real-time tracking of views and clicks, providing valuable insights and analytics

Anti Adblock

Bypass ad-blockers effectively, ensuring your advertisements reach the audience without hindrance for maximized revenue

Multiple Website Integration

Extend WP Safelink’s capabilities across numerous websites, enhancing reach and utility

WP Safelink Client Version

Simplify integration for download blogs with our specialized client version, designed for ease and efficiency

Automatic Integration Themes

Enjoy the convenience of auto-integration with select themes, streamlining setup and ensuring compatibility

Direct Traffic Detection

Accurately detect and categorize direct traffic, ensuring accurate analytics and better targeting

Support hCaptcha and reCaptcha

Bolster site security with integrated support for both hCaptcha and reCaptcha, guarding against bots and ensuring genuine user interactions

Optimized Ad Placement

Ensure your advertisements are easily readable and engaging to visitors, maximizing visibility and interaction rates

100% Original

Authenticity guaranteed with 100% original GPL-licensed products.

Virus Free

Enjoy our virus-free WordPress products for a secure experience.

Unlimited Usage

Enjoy limitless domain usage with our WordPress solutions.

Enjoy WordPress

Unwind, relax, and enjoy the ease of WordPress with our product.